Radianz Quartz Countertops

Radianz, made by Samsung, offers quality quartz countertops that Aspen installs for customers with great success.

“Quartz is a healthy choice for your kitchen. You may not know that natural materials used for countertops, including granite, can release small quantities of radon into your home—a colorless and odorless radioactive gas found in igneous rock and soil. Exposure to high levels of radon has been known to contribute to lung cancer. Since engineered quartz is sealed at fabrication, it does not release radon. Radianz is “Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Control” certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute. In addition to being a healthier alternative for countertops, quartz is impact, scratch, stain, and heat resistant.“

– Samsung

Visit Samsung’s website to learn more about the many benefits of using Radianz for your countertops.