Aspen Solid Surface Countertops in Utah

Aspen’s Solid Surface Countertops Continue to Thrive in Utah

Aspen Countertops fabricates solid surface countertops in Salt Lake City, Utah. Aspen’s solid surface countertops feature a variety of edge treatments, inlays, and integrated sinks. Aspen’s commercial solid surface countertop work includes reception desks for medical and legal offices, countertops for bank teller lines, transaction surfaces for gas stations and convenience stores, windowsills, and other customized products.  Aspen has over 4,000 square feet allocated to Solid Surface Production alone, making Aspen Countertops one of the top Solid Surface Countertop Shops in Salt Lake City, Utah

Aspen Solid Surface Countertop Suppliers

  • Corian Countertops -   Aspen has been a Corian certified fabricator for years and we have completed some very technical commercial projects including thermoforming compound curves for some very contemporary reception desks.
  • Staron Countertops -  In Utah Staron solid surface countertops have become a more and more popular option for customers.  Their line of solid surface is very versatile and affordable.  We have used Staron in applications from Shower surrounds to window sills in many public facilities for years.
  • Avonite Countertops - We pride ourselves in using all the latest designs from the newest sources.  Avonite Solid Surface countertops has a wonderful Designer line of colors.  This line includes some that look like frosted glass; which we have used with our led lighting to make them glow.
  • HiMacs Countertops - Aspen Countertops has been one of the premiere certified HiMacs solid surface countertop fabricators in Utah for over 13 years.  We have fabricated thousands of kitchens and bathrooms from this material and really like the way it performs.
  • Gibralter Countertops - Wilsonart Gibralter solid surface countertops’ Utah presence was established from the early days of solid surface fabrication and continues to offer great colors and a warranty backed by Wilsonart.
  • Livingstone Countertops -  If you are looking for LivingStone surfaces in Utah, you have come to the right Place!  We have fabricated LivingStone surfaces and continue to supply them for our customers.

Solid Surface Sees a Resurgence in popularity.

With the rise in contemporary design, Aspen is seeing a renewed interest in solid surface.  With solid surface’s unique ability to be thermoformed, we have seen solid surface used by architecture and design firms more and more during the last 3 years.

 Translucency Makes Solid Surface Incredibly Interesting

Aspen is one of the few fabricators in Salt Lake that has been able to combine 2 technologies to provide thin surface translucence on solid surface furniture and fixtures.