Green Countertops in Utah

Aspen Countertops has been a leader in bringing Green Countertops to the Salt Lake City, Utah market.  We have spent time researching the best green products to give you the broadest offering of green counter tops in Utah for your kitchen or vanity counters.    In addition, Aspen has received the specialized training necessary to work with these different materials to make sure your end result is a quality job.

Green counter tops have come a long way in terms of performance and price over the years.  While they still are not a cheap countertop option, you can feel good knowing you are using sustainable countertop products.   Many of the green countertop materials Aspen offers will help toward LEED certification.   Aspen has helped architects, designers and contractors choose the right balance of sustainability and style to bring customers a quality product that is the perfect match for their project.

Aspen is a Certified Fabricator of the Following Green Countertop Brands: (These are the ones we really like!)

Ask One of Our Representative About These Green Counterops Aspen Provides:

  • EcoTop
  • Torzo
  • Teragren