Granite Countertops for Utah

“In my opinion, for the Best Granite Countertops in Salt Lake City, Aspen Countertops is the place to go.” – Steve

At Aspen, we use the highest quality Grade A stone available. Since Aspen Countertops purchases so much slab material, we are able to source the highest quality stones from the best granite slab suppliers in Utah and in the country. This means our customers receive higher quality slab at prices that are still competitive to other fabricators who provide cheap granite countertops only because they purchase low-quality,  industrial-grade slab usually reserved for motels.

Aspen’s High Quality Granite Slab Suppliers

High Quality Granite Countertops Come From Skilled Artisans and Superior Technology

The Utah Granite and Natural Stone customer knows that natural stone materials are very unforgiving and require a high level of skill in order to produce a quality finished product in a home or other project.  Aspen employs Utah’s top craftsmen in the industry to make sure that your project looks as good as possible.

While many “companies” try to cut and fit “Prefabricated or Pre-fab” Blanks into kitchens and offer them as Half Price d Granite, through carpet stores or Craig’s List ads, their customers end up with the disappointment of a kitchen that looks like a mosaic of large granite tiles with lots of extra seams .  Aspen hears from people each month who are wondering what can be done to fix or repair their granite countertops that were purchased for half price .  The real tragedy is, most of the time, customers could have had professional quality countertops installed  for about the same cost.

Aspen Countertops custom-fabricates your countertops from exact dimensions using the most accurate templating technology available on the market today.  This means that Aspen’s customers enjoy the excitement of countertops that have the traditional look and feel of granite, rather than the disappointment of a pre-fab or blank kitchen full of unnecessary seams.

Over the last 15 years, Aspen has invested over $1,000,000.00 in equipment and technology to increase the speed, accuracy and quality of our granite countertops in the Utah area.   We continually update our equipment, software, and systems to keep up with the changing demands of the market.  We utilize CNC and CAD technology, as well as digital templating to maximize the accuracy and quality of our granite countertops.

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